Back in the Saddle 

We know things have been quiet on the Brainal Leakage front as of late, but fret not: we're working very hard on our material behind the scenes. This year should be a very productive year for us and, without giving anything away, you should be seeing some interesting announcements here in the following months. We don't have any big live shows planned as of right now as we're still shopping for a new drummer (could it be you? drop us a line!), so if you'd like to see us live, check out our Facebook for open-mic dates. We just want to thank the fans who've followed us since the beginning, you guys are something else for sticking it out with us. Now we need your help: SPREAD THE WORD! Show our videos to your friends, download our free demo to pass around, know any drummers? Send them our way! We're ready to get the Brainal Leakage hype-train rolling, but you guys are the most important cogs in the machine! We hope to be seeing you all very soon, just keep your eyes peeled and your ears tuned in.


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